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Canon 5D Mark IV

Professional Photographer’s Wish List – New Camera Gear – A Present for Us (and you!)

A Gift That Keeps Giving (and benefits our clients)

As a husband and wife wedding photography team we work together to meet our clients’ expectations and needs before the wedding day and beyond. While I’m the main photographer and owner, as Flutter Focus Photography is my pride and joy, I get most of the credit. At the same time Allen is working hard as a second photographer, not getting much glory. Since he is also my sounding board, gadget guru and all things technical for the business I wanted to give him an opportunity for some acknowledgement from time to time. Here’s his perspective on our latest investment:

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Canon with their latest promotions that they were running for the holidays. I normally don’t look at emails like this unless I’m actually looking for something but for some reason I was tempted and I opened it up. There were all sorts of promotions but the one that caught my eye was on the Canon 5D Mark IV camera body. Canon was offering $500 off and a free battery grip.

Emily and I had decided some time ago that we wanted to upgrade our current camera bodies. While the bodies that we had been using (including one 5D Mark IV already) are perfectly capable of taking great pictures we felt that we owed it to ourselves and to you our customers to make sure that we have the best equipment possible for your photos. Since we already had one 5D Mark IV and because it is the industry standard (for Canon shooters) for wedding and family photos we decided to purchase three more bodies!

The 5D Mark IV has several features that we feel set it apart and make it the best choice for us. First, it’s made by Canon. Canon is brand that Emily and I have both been using for decades and they’ve always treated us great. They make a solid dependable product and they stand behind it. For professionals Canon has a service called Canon Professional Services or CPS for short. Being a CPS member allows us to send our equipment in for a repair or a cleaning and have it back in our hands in 48 hours or less. They also offer same day walk-in service is you want to drive to their facility in New Jersey. That means that our equipment will almost always be available for us when we need it. To my knowledge, no other professional camera manufacturer offers service like this.

Second, and the main reason we chose the 5D Mark IV is its features. The 5D Mark IV has 30.4 megapixel sensor and a DIGIC 6+ image processor. What does this mean? It means that this camera has the ability to balance fine detail and resolution with low-light performance and sensitivity. In other words, this camera will make it easier to for us to make sure that your images rock. The 5D Mark IV shoots at 7 frames per second which makes it easier for us to ensure that we never miss those important moments that pop up.

The 5D Mark IV also two memory card slots and the ability to save every image that is taken to both memory cards. Having two memory card slots is a feature that every professional photographer needs to have in the cameras that they are using. Should a memory card fail having a second card with your images ensures that nothing is lost. Canon recently started selling their first professional mirrorless camera. We have looked at mirrorless cameras in the past for personal use and loved their smaller size and weight. With the new Canon EOS R mirrorless camera being geared towards professionals I was very disappointed to read the specifications and see that it only had one memory card slot. That missing feature alone is enough to put it on our do not buy list.

The Canon 5D line up of cameras has been around for over a decade and gives a great balance between Canon’s high-end entry-level cameras for amateurs and their very high-end professional cameras. I really like that the size of the camera body is more or less the same size and weight of Canon’s entry level cameras but it also gives you the ability to add on a battery grip that allows for having an extra battery to power the camera as well as providing a few extra buttons for taking images. That means that we’ll be able to shoot well into the night at your wedding reception without any fear of having our batteries die.

The top features of the Canon 5D Mark IV include the capability of capturing many moments quickly, for longer periods of time, without the worry of losing our work. Therefore, checking these new cameras off our wish list is a gift to our clients, as it is to ourselves.

What is one of your favorite gifts you received this year? Tell us below in the comments!

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