Inn At Fogg Farm Gray Maine Wedding Reception Inside Barn

Maine Wedding Venues

As wedding photographers we know that the venues you choose for your wedding are a very important decision. While each and every wedding-related decision plays a part in crafting your vision for your big day, one of the biggest is your venue. Your party space has the ability to set your wedding’s tone, which is why choosing your venue wisely is so crucial.

Maine has an abundance of wedding venues. At last check we found nearly 1,000 different locations that advertise as a wedding venue. To help you navigate this integral wedding-planning decision, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite venues. We’ve sorted our list by type of venue into five different categories that we help you find your perfect venue. We’ve included everything from classic coastal Maine venues that have those great ocean views to some of Maine’s best barns and some other unique locations that you may not have thought of. Let us know if you find this list useful or if have a venue you’d like us to feature. We are always looking to expand your list.

Maine Barn Wedding Venues

Coastal Maine Wedding Venues

Portland Maine Wedding Venues

Maine Waterfront Venues

Unique Maine Wedding Venues

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